Our story...

Hand Made Jewellery - Inspired by the Bush


For us, it's not just about creating stunning-looking handmade jewellery (although that's what we do!) - it's about celebrating the bush and Australia's deep connection to the land.

We take our inspiration from nature and the world around us, turning native flora, gum nuts and timber into iconic and treasured keepsakes that you can celebrate forever.

They're also a piece of the Aussie bush that you can carry with you, no matter how far you may travel.

We're proud to be a true Aussie, home grown and hand-crafted brand, designed and created right here in regional Queensland.

And we'd love for you to come this journey with us.



 Why 'Diamantina Daughters'?


The word ‘Diamantina’ comes from the incredible Diamantina River, a major river in Central Western Queensland.

Founder Amanda spent part of her childhood in this region, on a cattle station that just so happened to be the largest in Queensland and the fourth biggest in Australia at the time. Her close family ties to this area has given her a deep appreciation for the beauty this area holds. And to her, it's always just felt like home.

The word ‘Daughters’ is inspired from Amanda’s four amazing daughters.

Therefore, ‘Diamantina Daughters’ has a deep and very personal meaning and future mission. To cherish the land and her family, while promoting Australia’s incredible wealth of history and regional beauty.

Diamantina Daughters is quite simply built upon a love for the Australian bush and a dream to share it with the world.

 Learn more about the Diamantina region that inspires our jewellery.


About Amanda...


Hello – My name is Amanda.

I have two great loves in life. Regional Australia and the rich tapestry of life and nature it provides, alongside those I hold close to me. My family.

I have a deep connection, appreciation and respect for the Diamantina region in which I spent part of my childhood, along with all the natural beauty of the Australian bush and landscape.

And being a creative soul, I’ve found a way of sharing this love and natural beauty with the rest of Australia, and indeed the world, by crafting my unique handmade jewellery pieces.

It is my greatest honour to provide timeless and iconic pieces of handmade jewellery that not only allows me to express my appreciation for the bush but also allows you to develop (and proudly display) that same beautiful connection with the Australian landscape.