Our Inspiration

The Diamantina River



The Diamantina River is a major river system located in the heart of the 'Channel Country' in Central West Queensland and far north South Australia. Uniquely comprising of a series of channels, rather than one main channel, when in flood, the river submerges millions of hectares of floodplains.


Key Facts

  • The flood plains of the Diamantina River, alongside Cooper Creek and the Georgina River are renowned for being some of the world's best cattle fattening country.

  • The Channel Country is "globally recognised as one the world's last great internally-draining and free-flowing wetland systems" (Western Rivers Alliance).

  • This region is home to the Diamantina Lakes National Park, which boasts many rare and threatened species. Everything in this park, including artefacts, is protected.

  • Set on the banks of the Diamantina River, you'll find the iconic Old Cork Station Homestead - a sandstone homestead built in the 1880's. Only the ruins remain, but it's an important piece of settlement and station history in the area.

  • The Diamantina Catchment is also home to Lark Quarry - thought to be the only location in the world to have had a dinosaur stampede.


Our Connection...

I, Amanda (Founder of Diamantina Daughters), spent part of my childhood in the Diamantina region on the largest cattle station in Queensland and fourth biggest in Australia at the time.

Our family learnt to live and work in harmony with the natural drought and flood cycles of this remote landscape.

Because no matter how far the world advances with technology and science - the only way can successfully farm these remote parts is by getting in tune with nature and working WITH it, not against.

There's so much history here, so many stories and so much to cherish.

I'd love to share pieces of 'my Australia' with you.

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It's not just about this particular remote region however...

While our name comes from the Diamantina region, which is a truly spectacular spot in Central Queensland - we're about highlighting and celebrating ALL of the amazing, remote places across Australia.

The Australian landscape holds many rural, regional and remote treasures that many of us just never have the chance to learn about, let alone visit.

It's our sincere hope that we can bring the magic and beauty of these natural-born wonders and far-off locations to you.

It's about nature, it's about heritage and it's about stories.

It's about giving you a unique statement pieces that's both meaningful and beautiful to wear.

And it's about building awareness and starting a conversation, so that all Australians can forge a deeper connection to the land upon which they live - while sharing that connection with others.