• Australian grown, handcrafted bush jewellery

    A piece of the Australian landscape you can treasure (and celebrate) forever.

Discover a deep connection with The Australian landscape.

Nothing matters more to us than sharing our love and deep respect for the natural beauty of the incredible Australian landscape.

Our family has long-forged a deep connection to the land - which is what has inspired us to hand craft our beautiful jewellery designs.

We take iconic and naturally beautiful pieces of the bush, crafting them into treasured keepsakes (and Australiana gifts) that you can celebrate forever.

Inspired By Nature.

We take our inspiration from the Australian bush and the regional and remote areas around us. Our bespoke designs capture the spirit and connection to the land.

Exquisitely Handcrafted.

Our Founder and Head Jewellery Maker makes every single piece by hand. Meticulous in detail, she ensures a quality result every time.

Safe for Everyone.

Our jewellery pieces use 100% hypoallergenic settings and our 'liquid glass' like coatings are made from a super safe, super tough resin that won't break or shatter.

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From inspiration to final masterpiece

We take inspiration from the land around us, creating bespoke pieces of jewellery that promote the beauty of the Australian landscape and natural icons.

Our pieces are lovingly designed and painstakingly crafted by hand.

Something that you or your loved ones can treasure, and remember, forever.


Here at Diamantina Daughters, we spend much of our free time exploring the natural beauty of the land around us and collecting natural materials that catch our eye


From there we tinker in the workshop, creating designs that showcase native flora and timbers - turning them into innovative, sophisticated jewellery pieces


Finally, once happy, we set each piece of artwork into either earrings or pendants, using quality settings and fittings that are 100% hypoallergenic.

Australiana gifts that celebrate memories...

At Diamantina Daughters we pride ourselves on our unique handmade jewellery pieces that make the perfect Australiana gifts.

Whether it's for someone who lives in Australia or overseas, you'll be able to share a meaningful connection to the Australian landscape and remote areas with those you love.

All in a beautiful, inspired statement piece your friends or family will remember and cherish forever.